Conference history

On the 22nd-24th of November, 2019 we hosted the 2nd edition of the International Conference on Research in Science, Engineering and Technology in Paris, France. The event was built on the success of the inaugural conference. We incorporated feedback to make this academic event even bigger and better in our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Who attended ICRSET 2019?

This conference brought together scientists, researchers, and other members of the academia from dozens of countries – Slovakia, Albania, Thailand, Turkey, Algeria, Gambia, Kuwait, India, Nigeria, and others.

What topics were covered by ICRSET 2019?

The program, designed by our expert scientific committee, featured presentations on a range of subjects, including determination of proximate composition and crude yield of shrimp shells, application of optimization-based finite element model updating method on 3D printed model structures, frequency analysis of vibrations of composite sandwich beams with viscoelastic core, and numerous others. From identifying upcoming trends to uncovering new angles on existing topics, the content of the event was as engaging as it was insightful.

Why did the audience enjoy ICRSET 2019?

There are numerous reasons for that and each participant had their own unique experience. However, it can be narrowed down to three main reasons: 1) engaging learning opportunities; 2) vibrant networking sessions; 3) memorable social events. Every attendee was invited on a free guided tour of Paris, one of the most historic cities in Europe. We admired its architecture and tasted local dishes. This was the perfect way to create a full-rounded experience for our attendees.